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Starting Out Right

With any new automation project, we believe it is imperative to start with a plant and system analysis that will provide your operation with the information to make the right decision. A wrong decision now, can cost you productivity and money for years.


Made in the USA

We are proud to say we are 100% Made-in-America quality engineering and craftsmanship. All of our automation solutions are designed and manufactured right here at home. More than quality — it is a statement of value.

About Us

As a specialty division of Millerbernd Systems, we deliver leading edge automated process and system integration solutions for the beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries. From design to commissioning, we are the choice for cost-effectively retrofitting an existing production line to automating a new facility.

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We Move Liquid


Efficiently...saving time, waste and energy!


Innovation & Excellence

Millerbernd Automation has consistently led the way in new product development, innovation and excellence. Our approach to complete customer satisfaction lies in our integrated team concept with a single point of responsibility from concept through completion of any size project resulting in satisfied clients throughout the U.S.

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